Frits Makkinga is a senior consultant with over 12 years ‘experience in designing complicated train control systems and supporting their development. During that time, he has built up extensive know-how regarding the modeling of railway infrastructure and the control of railways transportation.

Frits has carried out an assessment of a software system at Siemens in Germany. Within Movares ‘Rail Division, Frits is responsible for innovation and business development in the railway sector. This has included developing Eurolocking, a new interlocking made up of commercially-available modules, innovation is one of Frits’ strong points, and he chairs Movares Rail Division’s innovation committee.

He has four years’ experience in the development of software systems for the design and verification of train protection systems. EBS (SIMIS solid interlocking) and VPI (Vital Processor Interlocking). Frits is capable of rapidly assessing the status of a system development project and of distinguishing between essentials and side-issues.