As independent engineers and consultants, Movares operates the following code of conduct:

The management of Movares …

  • intends to maintain Movares’s leading position and will enable staff to maintain their knowledge and skills at the level required to achieve this;
  • will only accept work if Movares can access the expertise required to carry it out;
  • will ensure compliance with this code of conduct and will make compliance a factor in staff appraisals.

The management and staff of Movares …

  • aware that they are supplying business services and have specific responsibilities, will avoid doing anything that could compromise the independence of the advice they give, at national or international level, and will do nothing that contravenes national or international law or regulations. This includes, but is not restricted to:
    • not allowing their advice to be influenced by other interests;
    • not accepting or offering any consideration in any form whatsoever that could compromise their independence or the position of Movares;
    • will not serve any conflicting interests of different customers;
    • will treat as confidential any confidential information they receive from customers or other sources and will defend the interests of the customer to the best of their ability, so that the customer can choose a lasting, high-quality solution;
    • will behave in a professional, enterprising and human fashion towards customers, other business contacts and colleagues, and will do all in their power to maintain good relations with them.
  • Any member of staff who, directly or indirectly, encounters an actual or potential conflict of interest, or any situation that could lead to any other contravention of this code of conduct, shall report the matter to their immediate superior and/or the Movares Integrity Reporting Point at once.