Movares Europe is an engineering consultancy company and part of the Movares Group.

Movares employs over 1000 highly qualified engineering professionals and is one of the leading Dutch consulting engineers, providing consultancy and engineering services to public transport companies, local authorities and other clients. In recent years we have expanded from traditional railway engineering to generating solutions for capacity, safety and integration problems. From this perspective we help our clients inside and outside the railway sector, providing advice and innovative designs for projects in the field of guided transport.

International experience

Movares has been working on international projects since 1995. During this time the company has gathered  experience world-wide, mainly in the countries of the European Union. The organization has conducted several projects in Central & Eastern Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the Americas and Australia as well. All of these projects have been performed in cooperation with local companies.

Sustainable Commitment

Commitment is one of our core values. Commitment to our customers, to our partners and to our staff. Commitment determines our attitude towards society and the environment. We accept our responsibility for creating a sustainable society for current and future generations and are conscious of the role that we, Movares, play in that. This commitment finds expression in our projects, the way we run our business, our staff and our social engagement.

As designers, we are often involved in the early phases of a project. And it is precisely at the beginning of a project that we can make a major contribution to sustainable infrastructure. Cooperation between partners in the chain can yield the greatest social benefit.

We operate in as sustainable a manner as possible. Measures to achieve this range from a sustainable office building to a car fleet with minimum emissions. Movares’ operations are CO2 neutral.

Our staff constitute the heart of our company. They provide ideas, innovation and initiatives for CSR. We are convinced that social innovation has a positive effect on a company. If the framework is sound, ideas will emerge and results will be optimal.

We shall continue our activities in the field of corporate social responsibility during 2014. We would be pleased to talk to you about developing ideas and initiatives in this area.

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