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FAME 3D, the simulation environment of the future

Train, tram and metro drivers can expect major changes over the next few years. They will have to deal with a wide variety of developments, such as the ERTMS train control system, high-frequency operations, new rolling stock and new routes. Thorough preparation starts with FAME 3D. Using FAME 3D, train, tram and metro drivers can sit in a virtual cab and acquire real-life experience of new routes, new technology or new equipment. FAME 3D is the simulation environment of the future.

The FAME 3D simulator can be built precisely to the customer’s specifications, as it is printed in plastic on a 3D printer. This makes FAME 3D a perfect – and much cheaper – alternative to existing expensive, full-scale simulators. Track infrastructure and cab are both virtual, enabling a driver to operate any type of rolling stock on any infrastructure, under either the standard Dutch ATB train protection system or ERTMS. Driving and braking behaviour are defined in the software.

The HTC VIVE virtual reality headset provides exceptional realism thanks to its high-quality graphics and the recognisability of the cab, infrastructure and surroundings.

The FAME 3D software can be updated and modified to simulate other types of metro, tram and train, while retaining the same bodywork, making FAME 3D a good fit in a circular economy. FAME 3D is innovative, modular, flexible and sustainable.

Nicole Ouwerkerk, head of unit at the tram and flexible pool training centre, GVB (Amsterdam public transport operator):
“Thanks to successful cooperation with Movares, we’ve advanced our innovation process by running a pilot project using the virtual simulator. The pilot project has revealed possibilities that we will definitely be developing in the future.”

• An advanced motion platform, simulating train movements, acceleration and braking.
• Allows drivers to acquire real-life experience with any type of rolling stock or infrastructure.
• Exceptional realism thanks to the HTC VIVE virtual reality headset.
• Eye-trackers follow the driver’s eye movements.
• Plastic bodywork generated on a 3D printer.
• Software updates render FAME 3D future-proof.

Frits Makkinga, head of Movares’ innovation and business development division: ‘The FAME 3D full-scale virtual simulator introduces a flexible, completely digital alternative to conventional/mechanical full-scale simulators. The new simulator creates a wide range of opportunities for customers and training centres, providing them with a selection of research and test simulators for trains, trams and metro systems.’

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Movares Virtual Experience focuses on three areas: experience, data intelligence and simulation. We help make complex situations clearer, and we give our customers the tools they need to take sound decisions.

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