Uithof Line

The Uithof Line links Utrecht Central Station and the Uithof university campus. The transportation challenge lies in the large number of students travelling this route every day at peak hours, and the fact that much of it runs through a densely-populated area. Light rail (tram) provides high-quality, high-capacity public transport, with a low impact on air quality.

Managing Director Movares Europefrits.immers@movares.com

Movares’ role

  • Production of preliminary and final designs for the tram link, including the track, overhead line, tractive power, structures, etc., using functional integrated system design. We designed the line in close cooperation with regional transport operators and stakeholders.
  • Advice and management in the fields of integration and adjacent structures (permits, cables and pipework, environmental aspects, noise, EMC, vibration, etc.).
  • Design and advisory work regarding the 750 V tractive power system.
  • Advice on planning procedures.
  • Drafting of cost estimates.
  • Design and execution of risk management.
  • Design and execution of safety management.
  • Consultations with stakeholders such as Utrecht city council, the Utrecht regional authority, Utrecht University and residents.
  • Drafting of contract documents, working together with the customer.
  • Assessing contractors’ documents and designs.
  • Supervision of construction.
  • Design of all road intersections.


Infrastructure & Transport Consultants Utrecht BV (ITC-Utrecht)