The Brussels Regional Express Network (Dutch: Gewestelijk ExpresNet or GEN; French: Réseau Express Régional Bruxellois or RER) is a rapid transit system under construction in Belgium. It will provide fast connections and increased frequency within a 30 km radius of the Belgian capital, covering a territory inhabited by 2.5 million people. Due to the limited space available for four railway tracks, it was necessary to place signals and signs on gantries. This is the first project in Belgium involving gantry installation of signals on such a large scale. Therefore, the Belgian national railway safety authority required a CSM REA assessment.

Movares prepared and chaired hazard identification meetings with stakeholders such as train operators, traffic controllers, maintenance staff and signalling engineers. The results were processed by means of a software tool, including evaluation of the effectiveness of the proposed mitigation measures. An evaluation report was written to summarise the outcomes of the analysis.