Innovative 380 kV high-tension link between the Netherlands and Germany

A new 380 kV high-tension link is to be built between Doetinchem (Netherlands) and Wesel (Germany). The line will use over 50 innovative Wintrack pylons. This ‘interconnector’ is essential if network operator TenneT is to operate optimally on the energy market in north-west Europe. The high-tension link will enable TenneT to guarantee network reliability and make optimum use of sustainable energy sources in the future. TenneT has commissioned Movares to carry out the necessary design and engineering work for the Wintrack pylons.The Doetinchem – Wesel 380 kV project (DW380) involves designing and building a new 380 kV high-tension link between Doetinchem (Netherlands) and Wesel (Germany). Among other elements, Movares will be supplying the functional requirements specification and technical specification for the Wintrack pylons. These consist of columns that taper almost to a point at the top. On Wintrack pylons, the cables are not suspended adjacent to each other on wide arms, as they are on conventional lattice pylons. Instead, the cables are arranged vertically, which brings them closer together. This results in a weaker magnetic field and makes it easier to integrate the pylons into their surroundings. Movares has been heavily involved in the design of Wintrack high-tension pylons since 2012.