EULYNX provides the stable basis for the digitalisation of the railways; its potential is recognised both beyond Europe and beyond signalling.

Link to article in Signal & Draht  via: or link to:  ProRail and its industrial partners have built the first Eulynx demonstrator


In the EULYNX stand at Innotrans 2018 in Berlin, facilitated by Deutsche Bahn, ProRail showed the results of the Proof of Concept Open Interlocking Network, using the Baseline set 2 of EULYNX. Movares, Hima, Sweco, Pilz, VRS and Thales provided the working equipment. A videos summarises the process from the design and test of the Proof of Concept, and finally the demonstration of the results in Berlin.


For more information about Eulynx:
Frits Makkinga, Director Innovation & Business development

Link to: Eulynx