Movares has developed an innovative evaluation method to determine the compatibility between rolling stock (RS) and LF track circuits (TC). The method is based on modeling of the electromechanical behavior of Track Relay and Track Circuit. It reflects the behavior of the Track Circuit and simulates the effect of continuous and transient currents. The method is a plug-in for the evaluation method as mentioned in the CENELECĀ  ENĀ 50238-2


  • Evaluates compatibility of Rolling Stock and Low Frequency Track Circuits
  • Simplifies/shortens homologation process
  • RS manufacturers can cope with LF TC susceptibility limits in an early stage of the engineering and production process
  • Transient susceptibility limits for LF Track Circuits can be determined
  • Transient evaluation based on objective and verifiable criteria
  • Evaluates line current based on model with exact LF Track Circuit behavior

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