Virtual experience

They say that seeing is believing, and that is certainly true where urban and infrastructure projects are concerned. New technologies give a virtual view of the world. Movares helps make complex situations clearer, and we give our customers the tools they need to take sound decisions. They can see and assess the impact of a particular design solution in advance. Movares Virtual Experience focuses on three areas: experience, data intelligence and simulation.

Managing Director Movares


Movares develops digital experiences. For over 25 years, we have been creating engaging animations and visualizations for building, infrastructure and rail projects.

Increasingly, we are also creating interactive experiences using such technologies as augmented reality and virtual reality. These experiences give customers, stakeholders and residents as realistic an impression as possible of what the finished project will look like.

Data intelligence

For Movares, data intelligence means the analysis, exchange and automation of data in construction, infrastructure, mobility and neighbourhood projects. We automate processes that had to be carried out manually until recently. That includes developing automatic design tools and generating automatic 3D models from a range of data sources. Where possible, we use machine learning and make data understandable for our customers. This approach creates new insights, renders processes more effective and reduces costs. Our team members were in at the start of BIM in the Netherlands and are now working on the next steps in data exchange and asset management.


Movares develops advanced interactive simulations. Our simulations are used to train the drivers of trains and trams, and the operators of bridges, tunnels and locks. We also have effective research tools for the design phase, making it possible to take design decisions on the basis of concrete data. We provide camera and lighting simulators, for instance, and use crowd simulation and virtual testing to minimize failure costs and optimize overall safety. Our simulations provide realistic 3D views and are scalable and future-proof.