RAMS and safety management

Risk management is central, with variations in emphasis according to the situation. Anything that is built must function correctly, with minimum failure costs and consequential damage, low maintenance levels and a long service life. In addition, it must be possible to prove that it is safe. The purpose and function of the system are our starting points for RAMS or safety management. An overview of the entire system life cycle is important if one is to achieve optimum performance, as system performance will depend not just on design decisions but also on how the system is built and used. We so design the development process that the resulting item or system effectively and demonstrably meets all safety and availability requirements. We work with you to find new solutions – and they may well be unconventional.

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Integrity and safety

“Safety” implies the safe performance of a function, such as moving people or goods from A to B. This involves a number of aspects – technical, process and human. Getting a grip on risk means getting all these aspects properly aligned. We know the technology. We work alongside you to choose a system that will fit your constraints. We also know the processes within which the technology has to function, and we know how operators, users, maintenance personnel and passers-by are likely to treat it. Which is why we can help you make the right choices.

Rules, regulations and proof of conformity

You have to obey rules and regulations – national and European. What do these rules mean for your project? How are you going to deal with them? And how are you going to show the various authorities that you are obeying their rules? We know these rules and regulations inside out, which means we can interpret and apply them correctly for and to your project. Safety documentation, safety cases, validation and verification documentation, proof of RAMS conformity? None of these hold any secrets for us.

How you can use our knowledge and experience across the whole life cycle

We can write requirements for you, perform analyses, select verification methods, compile documentation, carry out risk and scenario analyses … or integrate all these activities into a project. We can assess existing systems for you, and propose enhancements. Or we can use our know-how and experience to design new systems, working alongside you. Using our technical knowledge, combined with our documentation skills, our knowledge of the standards and our insights into how the certifying authorities operate, we will work with you to achieve results that meet every single requirement.

Managing Director Movares Europefrits.immers@movares.com