RAMS and safety management

Risk management takes a central role in our work, adapting its emphasis based on the specific situation. Anything that is built must ensure proper functionality, minimal expenses from failures and subsequent damages, low maintenance needs, and a prolonged lifespan. In addition, it must be possible to prove that it is safe. The purpose and function of the system are our starting points for RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Safety) or safety management. For optimal performance, understanding the entirety of the system’s life cycle is crucial, as its effectiveness is influenced not only by design choices but also by construction and utilization methods. We tailor the development process to ensure the resulting item or system satisfactorily meets safety and availability prerequisites. Collaboratively, we explore innovative solutions, even if they challenge convention.

Managing Director Movares Europefrits.immers@movares.com


“Safety” implies the safe performance of a function, like transporting people or goods from point A to B. This encompasses various aspects—technical, process, and human. To manage risks effectively, all these aspects must be aligned. We possess technological expertise and work closely with you to select a system aligned with your requirements. Familiar with the operational framework of the technology, we understand its interactions with operators, users, maintenance staff, and bystanders. This insight aids us in guiding you to make the right choices.

Rules, regulations and proof of conformity

Navigating regulations and demonstrating compliance adhering to national and European regulations is a must. How do these regulations impact your project? How will you address them? And how will you demonstrate your adherence to regulatory bodies? Our deep understanding of these regulations empowers us to interpret and implement them appropriately for your project. Writing safety documentation, constructing safety cases, preparing validation and verification documents, and substantiating RAMS compliance—None of these hold secrets for us.

How you can use our knowledge and experience across the whole life cycle

We can draft requirements, perform analyses, select verification methods, compile documentation, carry out risk and scenario analyses, or seamlessly integrate these activities into your project. We evaluate existing systems and propose enhancements or collaborate with you to design new systems, using our technical knowledge, documentation finesse, knowledge of standards, and insights into how certifying authorities operate. Our joint efforts will achieve results that fulfill every requirement.

Managing Director Movares Europefrits.immers@movares.com