Climate change is increasing the risk of heatwaves and extreme rainfall. The consequences are severe in towns and cities. Movares has designed an integrated approach to mitigating those consequences. Rainroad consists of a water tank installed under a pavement. The tank stores excess rainwater and allows water to evaporate.



Managing Director Movares

Rainroad offers:

  • Cooling on hot summer days
  • Temporary rainwater storage
  • Simple to implement and maintain
  • Can be used in heavily built-up city centres.
  • Is readily scalable

In Rainroad, energy from the sun is used to evaporate the water drawn from the tank by capillary action, instead of producing heat. Here at De Waterstraat, students will be studying alternative materials and the consequences of storing standing water for extended periods.

The Rainroad is a solution that can be the result of the “Climate Dialogue/klimaatdialoog” or the “Healthy City/Gezonde Stad” analysis