Rotterdam’s public transport operator RET will take over operation of the Hoekse Line from Netherlands Railways (NS) in 2017. The Hoekse Line project involves converting an existing heavy railway to a light railway while retaining freight traffic. The present line between Hook of Holland and Schiedam city centre will be linked into the Rotterdam metro network. At Hook of Holland the line will be extended towards the beach. All stations along the line will be modernised and two new stations will be opened. Other work includes upgrading the traction power supplies and railway safety system. The Hoekse Line will be converted in 2016.

Key duties include making risk analyses to set down a complete and correct statement of safety requirements, liaising on operational issues with suppliers, managing interfaces within RET (especially operations and central traffic control) and outside RET, such as ProRail and bridge managers. Consultations are also being held between safety managers of the various contracts and with the client’s overall safety manager.