A new railway line called the Hanze Line connecting Lelystad and Zwolle was built in the Netherlands between 2008 and 2012. Alstom supplied the safety system, both the interlocking and ERTMS elements. Alstom asked Movares to supply a safety manager to run the safety team and maintain external contacts with the client and the independent safety assessor.

Safety Assurance Manager

Ello Weits acted as Safety Assurance Manager for the project (command control and signalling) in 2011 and 2012. He managed the safety team, coordinated consultations with the project team, held talks with the client especially about the Safety-Related Application Conditions (SRACs) and exported hazards, and also had discussions with the independent safety assessor. Weits coordinated performance of several safety analyses and compilation of safety cases both for the city of Lelystad (new safety system) and the Hanze Line itself.

Safety Manager for new-builds and conversions

Wim Coenraad worked on the Hanze Line as safety manager for ProRail Infra Projects. This project consisted of the new-build construction of the Interoperable High Speed Line (200 km/h) between Lelystad and Zwolle and conversion of Lelystad station. Coenraad was responsible for delivery and acceptance of the safety case for the infrastructure, including substructures, superstructures, a new bridge over the River IJssel, traction and power supplies, security and tunnel engineering systems. He coordinated the overall safety case and certifications under European interoperability legislation (INS, ENE, CCS, SRT and PRM) and acquisition of the permit for commissioning. Coenraad was further responsible for the safety management contribution of the HanzaRailTeam contracting consortium and acceptance of the safety cases and certificates deliverable by the consortium for integration in the Infrastructure Safety Case as related safety cases.