The entire railway safety system including the traffic management system (TMS) is being replaced in Denmark between 2012 and 2021 by an ERTMS railway safety system and a modern TMS. The country has been divided into two contracts: Alstom is delivering new systems in the east of Denmark and Thales is doing the same in the west of the country. Alstom asked Movares to provide safety managers. Ello Weits is concentrating on the traffic management system. Wim Coenraad was engaged by Alstom as offshore safety manager.

The new traffic management system has highly advanced intervention functions in which a decision support system constantly submits proposals to the traffic controller. The large degree of automation necessitates new concepts for safety-critical actions. The stringent safety requirements laid down for the overall system – an ERTMS safety system plus TMS – presented a reason for redefining safety-critical actions.

Traffic management system

Ello Weits’ contributions to the project are safety analyses, including developing new safety principles, compiling safety cases and managing safety. This work involves consulting with the safety team, with the project team and with the client, particularly about the SRACs and exported hazards, and with the independent safety assessor.

Offshore safety manager

Wim Coenraad is responsible for safety case delivery management and for certification management. His work focuses on safety and interoperability interface management between the customer, Banedanmark’s signalling programme and the Alstom safety team. The team consists of three safety managers (each responsible for a distinct matter) divided over the locations of Copenhagen and Bologna and the onshore safety manager.