Between 2012 and 2021, the whole Danish train safety systems including the traffic management system, is to be replaced by an ERTMS safety system plus a modern train management system. Alstom is supplying the new system in the eastern part of Denmark and Thales in the west.

Managing Director Movares

Customer requirements

Alstom asked Movares to supply safety managers. Ello Weits is focusing on the traffic management system.

Movares’ role

The new traffic management system includes highly advanced functions for intervening in rail traffic, with a decision-support system constantly presenting suggestions to the traffic controller. This high level of automation makes it necessary to develop new concepts for safety-critical actions. The stringent safety requirements laid down for the overall system – an ERTMS safety system plus the train management system – were an additional reason for redefining the safety-critical actions.

Ello Weits is contributing in the areas of: safety analyses (including the development of new safety principles); compilation of safety cases and safety management (discussions with the safety team and project team, discussions with the customer – especially regarding the SRACs and ‘exported hazards’ – and discussions with the independent safety assessor).