Weirs, dams, pumping stations and sluices form a serious barrier for fish. For a healthy fish population it is important that fish can migrate freely. With the use of our computer model Movares designs and construct a 3D printed fishway, the FishionPassage ©, dedicated for your location.

Managing Director Movares

From simulation to design

As a result of an innovation project with a local water authority (HDSR), we have built a simulation model to investigate both water currents as well as fish behavior in a fishway. With the knowledge developed in this innovation project, we are currently building our own fishway, the FishionPassage ©.

A modular approach

Our FishionPassage © is based on the concept of Legolization; the main building blocks are 3D-printed in recycled polypropylene. Printing gives us full freedom in design, in order to be able to optimize the shape of the chambers and window frames. The design offers you the freedom to replace elements in the field for further optimization. Elements can also be re-used on different locations.


By making use of glass fiber strengthened polypropylene we realize a light weight construction. The FishionPassage © will be assembled on location. By doing so, we don’t need heavy equipment for the placement of the fishway. Moreover, the FishionPassage © can be placed in just a few days, giving the FishionPassage © a positive carbon-footprint.


Monitoring a FISHIONPassage © is simple. Elements can be provided with different hardware. Each window frame can hold its own antenna for telemetry research (pit tag analyses). Furthermore we can provide the FISHIONPassage © with both camera’s or fish counters. All monitoring systems can be integrated both temporarily or permanently. Monitoring results will be reported on line automatically.


With our parters we work closely together to combine all relevant knowledge for the best fishway. Our partner 3D-Robotprinting is responsible for printing of the elements. Placement is realized by FishFlowInnovations. For the different monitoring techniques we work together with for instance Visadvies. With our partners we work on the constant improvement of our FISHIONPassage ©.

Custum made but still affordable

By choosing a FISHIONPassage © you will get the optimum solution for your location. Together with your organization we will design and construct a custum made fishway, offering a state of the art solution for a good price.