‘Safety first!’ The motto of the aviation industry, the process industries and – above all – the railways. Eurolocking keeps railway networks safe. And by keeping railway networks safe, Eurolocking ensures that trains run safely. Eurolocking prevents collisions between trains, collisions between trains and road vehicles, and derailments. Eurolocking is the heart of the train protection system.


Eurolocking combines proven hardware with software tailored to the requirements of rail infrastructure. The hardware component is supplier-independent and is based on Safety Controllers widely used in process industries. This controller forms an essential element in the safe, continuous control of processes in refineries and chemicals factories.

Open system architecture

Eurolocking’s open architecture ensures flexibility. Links to adjacent systems such as control rooms, other interlockings and field units can readily be implemented as software modules. And Eurolocking’s open application software makes it easy to incorporate modifications, such as changes to the infrastructure.

See for more information: https://eurolocking.com/