A new railway line was built in the Netherlands between 2008 and 2012; the Hanze Line, linking Lelystad and Zwolle. The safety system (interlocking and ERTMS) was supplied by Alstom. Ello Weits acted as safety assurance manager for the project during 2011 and 2012.

Managing Director Movares Europefrits.immers@movares.com

Customer requirements

Alstom asked Movares to supply a safety manager for the Hanze Line who, in addition to directing the existing safety team, would focus on managing relations with the customer and the independent safety assessor.

Movares’ role

Ello Weits focused on: safety management (directing the safety team, discussions with the project team, discussions with the customer – especially regarding the SRACs and ‘exported hazards’ – and discussions with the independent safety assessor); carrying out a number of safety analyses; compiling safety cases for the new interlocking at Lelystad and for the Hanze Line itself