The public transport system of the future

AeroCity is an attractive option in terms of the environment, passenger comfort and technology. It’s the public transport system of the future!

Making travel cool

Travelling by AeroCity is a pleasure. And not just because of the short journey times. You’ll get a kick out of floating through the countryside at 500 km/h, and from knowing that this super-modern way of travelling is also kind to the environment. And if you need to get from the city to the airport, you’ll be there fast.

500 kilometres

AeroCity is a high-tech vehicle carrying about 100 passengers, that runs on a dedicated slightly curved track. At lower speeds, the AeroCity runs on wheels. But once it reaches a speed of about 200 km/h (which takes less than a minute), the dynamic form of the vehicle causes it to float above the track. Ninety seconds later, the vehicle is moving at 500 km/h. The form of the vehicle and its aerodynamic characteristics keep it on course. Its rapid acceleration and high top speed make the AeroCity ideal for distances of 25 km and above.

Passenger comfort

AeroCity offers the passenger a higher-quality service. The vehicle has large, comfortable seats, an ergonomic design and all necessary connections with the outside world. Its rapid acceleration and high speed make it perfect for short and medium distances. AeroCity is intended both for distances of 25 kilometres and above and for rapid transit between conurbations. It is possible to run at least ten vehicles an hour over short distances, making complicated timetables unnecessary.


Yes, for now. But Movares is hard at work turning the AeroCity into reality. Watch our video to learn more about the AeroCity concept.