On March 13, 2014,  ir M. R. (Melle) Holthuis and P. (Predrag) Jovanovic (Movares) will give a presentation regarding the integrated approach to tunnel safety in the Netherlands in the international ISTSS conference in Marseille.

The road and rail traffic in the densely populated Netherlands is still increasing. To adequately solve the mobility issues, there is an increase in the construction of new tunnels. The consequences of calamities in tunnels are much more severe than at ground level and it is more difficult for the rescue teams to reach the location. Each tunnel is unique and therefore requires its own approach. Administrators, tunnel managers and emergency services should be prepared for the specific risks that each tunnel entails. In order to achieve a secure and safe tunnel the specialist knowledge is needed such as: guidance through a multitude of laws, regulations and permits, appropriate knowledge with technical solutions and design as well as knowledge about tunnel management, operation and maintenance.

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