Movares has launched an investigation into the possibilities to connect an existing interlocking to a RBC, the Radio Block Centre of the ERTMS Level 2 system. However, this is complicated, since the interface between an interlocking and RBC is closed.

We wish to change this. Our ideal is an open standard so that existing interlocking systems can become part of an ERTMS Level 2 system.

Therefore, we decided to change the Movares investigation into an open crowd innovation project called OpenRBC (for more details visit and agreed on a close cooperation with ERTMS Solutions from Belgium (for more details visit, and published our goals, plans and activities on the internet, to be found at

The aim of the project is to develop OpenRBC into an open standard for interfaces and software models.

Open in that context doesn’t mean open source, but means no proprietary interfaces and therefore no vendor locking.

The project is funded by sponsors for whom an open standard and freedom to choose a RBC vendor are important, because a significant amount of money can be saved.

Additionally, it contributes to sustainability goals, because good interlocking systems don’t have to be replaced.

We propose you to visit the website for more details.