Frankfurt/Berlin/Utrecht/Brussels, March 14th, 2014. On Friday March 14th Movares and ERTMS Solutions, the OpenRBC founding fathers, signed a strategic collaboration with Berner & Mattner. With this signature the three companies agreed to collaborate in supporting DB Netze in the process of defining, modelling and maintaining the European harmonization and standardization of the interfaces between the interlocking and all other trackside subsystems. This collaboration is the preferred intermediate partner for both the DB Netze NeuPro project and for all present and future members of the euLynX initiative.

All feedback and improvements gathered by OpenRBC and Berner & Mattner from discussions with the European Railway Infrastructure Managers about the eulynX interfaces will be submitted to the DB Netze NeuPro project, and ultimately to the benefit of the whole railway community.

Bernd Elsweiler, DB Netze: “We regard this collaboration between Berner & Mattner, Movares and ERTMS Solutions as a competent intermediate partner to the euLynX members. They will address our most important issue: the lack of qualified resources to define, specify, model and maintain standard interfaces between the interlocking and all other trackside subsystems.”

Oliver Lemke, Berner & Mattner: „As a longtime partner of DB Netze in the project NeuPro we built up a considerable know-how in the specification of standardized interlocking interfaces and architectures. In the next phase of NeuPro and within the context of euLynX we are eager to improve the existing specifications and guidelines for the usage by other railway operators together with experts from Movares and ERTMS Solutions.”

Frits Makkinga, Movares and Stanislas Pinte, ERTMS Solutions: “This strategic collaboration is in line with all stakeholders’ interests of our OpenRBC initiative. We are delighted to be able to propagate publicly available standards in the railway sector through this collaboration.”