We are often engulfed in our own bubbles while riding our bicycles: we are preoccupied with our destination and do our best to disregard everyone and everything else along the way. In fact, we regularly regard our journey as an unavoidable inconvenience en route to our destination. Instead of seeing other cyclists as neighbors, part of our community, and people whose journey interacts with ours, we see them as mere obstacles and risks.

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We are seeking to question this approach and push for more social dynamics through a comedic intervention. After all, the road is a great place to have those intriguing chance encounters. We plan to employ eye-catching and vibrant cyclists to certain cycle paths, utilising colorful outfits and printed texts, such as ‘in transit.’

The object of this intervention is to increase users’ awareness of other cyclists, and their willingness to interact with them. An interview with cyclists on their travel experiences before, during, and after the intervention provides insight into the impact of this social experiment.