Movable waterway infrastructure

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No other country in the world has as many movable bridges per square kilometre as the Netherlands, and every design is unique. Movares is a leading specialist in the design and renovation of movable bridges and other movable civil structures, such as locks, barrages and pumping-stations. New build, renovation or replacement – our specialists work with customers at home and abroad to find the best solution for every situation.

Managing Director Movares

Movable bridges

We are leaders in the field of machine safety, for new build and renovation. In addition to our expertise in the areas of bridge machinery and control systems, we at Movares have extensive experience in the detailed re-calculation of bridges and the designing of new bridges. We have used steel, concrete and fibre-reinforced plastic in various designs, both singly and in combination. Movares designed the first composite steel bridge in the world, and we worked on the first movable bridge with a composite deck for the highest load class, the Nelson Mandela Bridge in Arnhem.

We are among the most experienced movable bridge designers in the Netherlands. We are leaders when it comes to movable railway bridges. Our experience and expertise in the areas of machinery, control systems and hydraulics give us a sound basis for any project. Movares’ bridge specialists work closely with specialists from other disciplines within the company, such as civil engineering, waterway structures, aesthetic design, integration and dynamics. Increasing numbers of movable bridges are being controlled remotely. Others are undergoing changes to the way they are used. When renovating a bridge, it is important to verify that its components meet current technical requirements. Our experts calculate the expected service life of the bridge by recalculating and by performing fatigue calculations. They then identify the modifications needed to ensure that the structure will give satisfactory service for many more decades to come.