Peter Musters is a strategic advisor capable of working in a variety of fields. His background is in train protection systems, and he has participated in major development projects in that field for a number of years. This has included being technical lead for the introduction of the first solid-state interlocking for ProRail, the Dutch rail infrastructure manager. He was also responsible for the first implementation of ERTMS in the Netherlands. Peter is good at rapidly identifying the essential points of rail and other projects, which means he can recognise problems and suggest solutions quickly in this complex area.  Currently, Peter is the interface manager for the Zevenaar project, which consists of deploying a 25 kV electrification system from the Betuweroute freight line to the German border.  The project involves modifying the ERTMS system to reflect the new layout, commissioning a new VPI interlocking and converting the overhead line to 25 kV, which in turn means installing a new neutral section.