Luc van Gerrevink is an expert in the field of ERTMS and interfaces with the ERTMS train control system, and has extensive experience of modern train protection systems. Luc’s responsibilities on the HSL-Zuid (the high-speed rail link between Amsterdam and the Belgian border) included the construction and modification of signalling installations on the connections to the new line and the execution of ERTMS and transition testing. He played an important role on the Hanzelijn project (between Lelystad and Zwolle) in the assessment and testing of a wide range of ERTMS-related processes and procedures.

Luc can work well on his own, but is also a team player, especially skilled in the coordination of project teams. He enjoys the challenge of explaining technical issues clearly and comprehensibly. When advising the customer, he always maintains a good balance between cost, safety, availability and customer satisfaction.