Wind and sun are replacing fossil fuels as a source of electricity. Power from these sustainable energy sources is often generated at a local level. At the same time, electricity users are demanding more from networks, and technology is changing their patterns of consumption. These developments make it necessary to manage power networks differently. Movares Energy is helping customers provide electricity reliably, sustainably and safely, now and into the future.

Rapid development

Movares Energy consists of some 50 highly-trained engineers and consultants. They keep themselves up to date by participating in professional working groups and committees. Our staff are members of various CIGRE study committees and are active in the IEEE and CIRED. They set up Smart Energy NL and participate in Dutch Power. They also play a role on a number of Dutch standardization committees, including NEC 8 (system aspects), NEC 9 (guided transport) and NEC 11/36 (high-voltage lines). And you will meet speakers from Movares Energy at events such as the Vakbeurs Energie, Ecomobiel and RailTech Europe.

Our customers

Movares Energy’s main customers are managers of tractive power and other networks, including TenneT, Stedin, Liander, ProRail, GVB and RET. In addition, we work for central and local authorities and service providers. These include the Authority for Consumers and Markets, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, SPIE and BAM. We work with our customers to provide power that everyone can rely on. Our engineers and advisors are active in the following areas: EMC and earthing, tractive power systems, network quality, network development, cables and lines, high-voltage substations and supply systems.