Projects we’re proud of
Movares works closely with the customer to create future-oriented projects. These projects present a number of examples from the fields of infrastructure, power, public transport, mobility, waterways and urban development.


FAME 3D, the simulation environment of the future

Train, tram and metro drivers can expect major changes over the next few years. They will have to deal with […]

Renovation Oost Lijn

The Oostlijn, or Eastern Line, is the oldest line on the Amsterdam metro, and after 30 years of service it’s […]

Amsterdam metro network

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Metro & Tram, Municipality of Amsterdam

Movares has been working on the Amsterdam metro network since 2008, for our customer Metro en Tram. One of our […]

ATB Vv extends train protection to low speeds

A serious collision in Amsterdam on 21 May 2004 was the trigger for development of ATB  Vv. The system in […]


Utrecht, The Netherlands | 2015 - Present
Netherlands Railways, MET

The full-scale virtual train simulator introduces a flexible, fully computer-based alternative to conventional/mechanical full-scale simulators. The new simulator creates a […]


‘Safety first!’ The motto of the aviation industry, the process industries and – above all – the railways. Eurolocking keeps […]


Points control system Moving trains around a marshalling yard or sorting sidings is time consuming. The task involves choosing the […]

The ‘safety valve’

The solution for flood control The section of dike In the Alblasserwaard between Nieuw Lekkerland and Groot Ammers does not […]

Cold-bent glass

Cold-bent glass Movares is developing cold-bent glass and glass that will remain in place for an extended period in the […]



The public transport system of the future AeroCity is an attractive option in terms of the environment, passenger comfort and […]